PoingPoing 2022 >>A Tribute to a 20 years old WebExperiment<<

  • Do you want to become a legend?

    Talk to me....

    ... but do it in english....It's better for singing :ausheck:

    POING POING 2022

    Lyrics by:

    EnjearthTM; and/ or maybe you :)





    2o years have been passed,

    since Poing's greatest dream was,

    To be continued....

    things have changed :cursing:

  • When I get the short information above, and try to see it with an objective eye, than I has to ask back to you.

    What do you want exactly from us :nix:

  • Thanks for asking :]

    Please allow to tell me some words/fcts to explain te history of PoingPoing:

    In 2003 the Kontromisslos crew was on the way to become a shooting star.

    Maybe you ask why'd I say 20 yrs ???

    In cause of fact that Kontromisslos celebrates it's 18th birthday and therefore in 2022 it's 19th in June of next year you'll maybe ask why I talk about 2o yrs.

    Easy to answer :smoke:

    I did in in cause of fact that the first PoingPoing lyrics was founded in 2002 in another community, but the masterpiece was done at Kontromisslos since the beginning; And therefore PoingPoing ist going to celebrate it's 2oth birthday.

    I was astonished about the creative impulse this project was in charge of :geil:

    More the 10 people who never seen each other composed via chatforum the lyrics for a 16, maybe a 18 chapters lyric about the the "Trip of POING.... a RedGiantKangaroo"

    Sorry, that was strange, that wasnew, thas was hopefull.



    What I want from you ?

    I want you to find to find some new lyrics, english will be prefered, for a new Project like PoingPoing.

    I'm sorry, but I'm not a songwriter for lyrics like my biggest idol is such one , but I'm a good musican and composer.

    And when we start to find some lyrics and finally mix i with my musical imagination I'm sure together we get a real chance to become legends.


    "Äsch häben näks gägen Doitsche mosik, and I like the mothertongue of the them, and Reinhard Mey is their/your best since decades!"

    But for transport lyrics in the head of big audience all over the word English is the best way.

    My most loved language is French <3 .... but....

    ....Evreytime I've heard french, I thought the Napoleons/MonDieus/2ner are kinding me, and I'm sure that French isn't a regular language.

    Maybe the French language is only a a kind of stupid test :looking:


    Did you found an answer to you question above ?



    things have changed :cursing:

  • OkayZimmy :ehrfu: ,

    than I catch the pleasure to open PoingPoing 2022 with this 2 lines: ...........



    2o years have been passed,

    since Poing's greatest dream was,


    and up to now it's your and the others turn

  • Try to feel the music and try to feel the idea of an kangaroo which finished it's trip to Africa 2o yrs ago and which is dreaming of continuing this great adventure .

    Let Poing jump to USA, to Russia ...or.... maybe to the Moon or Mars :lamp:

    Here's my first input:


    things have changed :cursing:

  • I.


    2o years have been passed,

    since Poing's greatest dream was,


    Excellent Opener :bussi:

    Okay, I've decided to use this two lines an now I'll hope that other lines come soon by you, or the others.

    The next for me to do is updating any decided linesif it has to be done.

    things have changed :cursing:

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