I am seek for effective program for PROMO!

  • Give me link to SEO software (promotion, advertisement, etc.). I'm need it to promote my new e-shop.

  • F**k?


    The form of the Enquirie letter:

    Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kontromisslos


    We have the honour to be learned from the Right Honourable Lord Major of York and Cardiff, that you have the possibility to send us the new links of SEO software.

    We are interested in all kinds of SEO software for pomoting and advertising, as we have etablished a new e-shop.

    Please, let us know on what terms you can supply.

    Your Royal Highness's most humble and obdient servant....

    :devil::devil: :dx10:


  • Not this magic word sirius :D

    F**k also is a magic word -I know- but simpley not that one I was searching for.

    You writing form was the most politliest form I saw in the youthiest past.

    I'm sure, whenever you need the SEO software, you get it very fast by doing that way.